WorkLounge is more than an office,
it’s a community of creators.

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Rental of offices and coworking space


Access to the WorkLounge community and the opportunity to reserve workspace at one of our locations.


Our Hot Desk Membership provides access to any free workspace in the WorkLounge. Simply bring your laptop, pick any open space, and start working!


Enjoy your very own desk in one of our shared office spaces. Done for the day? Leave everything behind knowing it will be there tomorrow, allowing you to pick up where you left off without the hassle of "packing up and unloading."


If you are looking for a little more privacy, we offer fully furnished workspaces dedicated to you and your team of up to 100 people, allowing you the flexibility of growing your team without being concerned about running out of room.



WorkLounge is more than an office; it’s a community of creators.



Gorgeous, flexible workspaces for teams of any size

The design of our workspace includes private offices for teams of all sizes. Workspaces feature glass walls that maintain privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Our lounge features a modern factory design combined with a relaxing atmosphere.



  • Stay Connected
    WorkLounge offers hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as Wi-Fi access throughout our entire facility.

  • Stretch Out
    Every WorkLounge location has a uniquely designed common area, inspiring productivity, and communication.

  • High-End Office Equipment
    Each WorkLounge floor includes at least one multifunctional copier/scanner/printer

  • Take a Break, On Us
    Enjoy free fresh brewed coffee, tea, and fruit water.

  • Friendly, Professional Staff
    Onsite managers are available to meet your needs from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Face-To-Face Meetings or Global Conferencings
    Each WorkLounge location includes conference rooms and meeting rooms in a variety of sizes equipped with video-conferencing and audio-conferencing equipment.

  • Call Privacy
    Each WorkLounge floor contains a number of phone booths for your private calls.

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Late for a meeting?
Use our BMW i3 and get there faster!



Working independently can be a lonely road to travel. WorkLounge offers you the opportunity to be part of a community.

Whether it is a professional need or finding someone to enjoy a few drinks with, WorkLounge provides a community full of members looking for the same thing.

WorkLounge offers a setting of inspiration and collaboration that will allow your business to grow and reach its full potential.

When you become a WorkLounge member, you instantly gain access to our member network through the web, mobile app, and face to face interaction with other members.


What is WorkLounge?

-WorkLounge is an exciting new concept geared toward satellite workers, freelancers, and small business owners.
While those professions allow the independence of working from home or coffee shops, it can also get cumbersome, and somewhat lonely after time.
-WorkLounge offers those who work independently the ability to enjoy the freedom of being an independent worker, while at the same time be part of a community of like professionals, all in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.
-WorkLounge provides workspaces for individuals and small teams with access to meeting rooms, printers, fax machines, receptionists, wi-fi, and pretty much everything a typical office can provide.
-WorkLounge also provides professionals the opportunity to network with others in their field of expertise and those outside their professions creating a well-linked community of business professionals working together.



  • Social Feed
    Updates from our members, and messages from Community Managers in your building.

  • Easily Book Your Space
    Our WorkLounge Web and Mobile App both enable you to book a Workspace or Conference Room with your credits.

  • Network with Fellow Members
    Find out about events happening in your WorkLounge location, RSVP, and enjoy the fun with your fellow members.

  • Job Listings
    Find members that have the expertise you are looking for, or offer your services to the community.



At WorkLounge, we hustle, keep the community engaged, and most importantly – we have fun.

To accomplish that, events are a constant part of life at WorkLounge. From workshops with skilled investors and professionals to wine tasting happy hours, and everything in between, there is always something happening at WorkLounge.

Best of all, if you have an idea for an event, or want to host your own, let us know, and we'll make it happen.



  • Lunch & Learn
    Enjoy lunch while listening to fellow members share their knowledge, skills, and experience, all geared to help you grow professionally.

  • Professional Development
    Have informational conversations with industry professionals and skilled investors.

  • Happy Hours
    Whether it’s wine tasting or just enjoying a cup of Cappuccino, get to know and socialize with other WorkLounge members in a more casual atmosphere.

  • Networking
    Make new connections during our regular networking events.



WorkLounge provides the power of a community when it comes to saving you money on services.
We understand that often service providers do not offer the best rates to smaller companies or teams. We work hard to negotiate the best deals for our members, using the number of our many members, we can gain better rates on a broad range of services and products.
Because of this, you start profiting the moment you join WorkLounge!
When your team becomes a part of WorkLounge, you can take advantage of the many deals we have made readily available for you.

Explore membership benefits

The WorkLounge Advantage? Priceless Benefits

  • Convenient payment terms – one and only one membership payment per month
  • The flexibility of our monthly-renewing membership programs
  • Monthly events for our community
  • Discounts on valuable services
  • Unbelievable design
  • Access to all WorkLounge Locations
  • Possibility to connect with other WorkLounge members on or offline
  • Networking and gaining connections for future business

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All members have access to the WorkLounge member network