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  • How do credits work?

    Your membership includes 4 credits per month. One credit can be used for reservation of one hour in a meeting room or whole day entrance to Lounge in any our location.

  • Can I invite a guest to WorkLounge?

    Ofcourse we will show your guests in during reception working hours. Before and after reception working hours and during weekends you have to take care of your guests yourselves. Each visitor has to be registered in advance by you in our application, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the premisses for safety reasons.

  • Who is allowed to enter our shared office?

    Your Dedicated Desk membership is tied to one particular desk in one particular office Only you and your coworkers are allowed there 24/7. Each of you has a lockable container to keep your private things in for your disposal.

  • Are the hidden fees in addition to the price?

    The administrative fee of 300,-CZK is payable when the memebership agreement is made or changed.

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