WorkLounge Pricelist

What is included in
WorkLounge's memberships?

  • WorkLounge membership

    from 1200 CZK

    * Excluding vat

    Allows you to access not only our events and our Lounge at any location, but also much more of our benefits. Get connected with all our members via the WorkLounge app.

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  • Hot Desk

    from 4000 CZK

    * Excluding vat

    Access to any free table in the Lounge in any of our locations. All you have to do is simply bring a laptop, choose your seat and get your work done!

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  • Dedicated Desk

    from 5000 CZK

    * Excluding vat
    ** up to location

    Enjoy your very own desk in one of our shared office spaces. Leave everything behind knowing it will be there tomorrow, allowing you to pick up where you left off without the hassle of "packing up and unloading."

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  • Private Office

    od 7000 CZK

    * Excluding vat
    ** up to location and office capacity

    If you are looking for a little more privacy, we offer fully furnished workspaces dedicated to you and your team of up to 10 people, allowing you the flexibility of growing your team without being concerned about running out of room.

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Office spaces rental and coworking centre for satellite workers, freelancers and small business owners.

  • Work

    The design of our workspace includes private offices (for large and small teams) with glass walls that give you privacy and plenty of daylight.

  • Lounge

    Our lounge features a modern factory design combined with a relaxing atmosphere.

    • Free coffee

    • Pet friendly

    • Mobile app

    • Přístup 24/7

WorkLounge mobile app

WorkLounge has its own social network where members receive up-to-date information from other WorkLounge members and community managers. They can post, offer and request services, communicate with other members, simply everything they need to be in the picture and connection. The application is the 
so-called guide for our members for every day - from registration 
of their guests and booking meeting rooms all the way to signing up for different events. The application reminds them of everything that is happening here.

The following is included in every WorkLounge location:

  • Spacious, Modern Common Areas
  • Private Offices
  • Professional Conference Rooms
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Professional Cleaning Services
  • High-Speed Internet
  • High-end Printers and Copiers
  • Complimentary Refreshments

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