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 Monday Breakfast  

  • Every Monday we hold breakfasts for our community so that we meet again after the weekend and kick-off the new week together with a good mood. 

 Hatha Yoga 

  • Does your back hurt? We have weekly Hatha Yoga classes at WorkLounge, so you can stretch your body after the whole day of sitting. You don't have to rush to the gym after work. Just change your clothes, take a yoga mat and enjoy the lesson! 


  • Our members gain access to many interesting events and workshops, which are organized either by us, our members or in partnership with other companies. Are you hosting your own events or workshops? We can help you promote the event in our coworking community and as a WorkLounge member you can rent our event space for a better price!

Networking events

  • We also organize regular networking events, parties and informal meetings during which you have the opportunity to get to know other members better and you can present your company and services as well. 
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