Looking for a place for a large team or a dedicated team? Try WorkLounge Business new location Na Příkopě 14.

Event space Diamant

Wenceslas square

Separate conference room in our coworking centre.

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  • 40
  • Space for catering
  • TV
  • AppleTV/HDMI
  • Speaker + microphone
  • Projector + screen
  • Drinks are included
Eventový prostor s prezentační technikou v centru Prahy

Our event space can be customized according to your requirements and the type of event. This space is often used for workshops, events, networking meetings but we also hosted press conferences and parties here. There is a long desk for business meetings or breakfast sessions on one side and next to it is a design lounge area for event setup. There is space for catering and a small kitchen right in front of the entrance.

The event space is situated separately from the rest of the coworking space, so there is more privacy and less noise but you still get the creative vibe of a coworking space.

Furniture musts be returned to its original position after the event.

  • Price
    CZK 2850 / hour excluding VAT

    CZK 3500 / hod

  • Service fee for rentals after 5 pm
    + CZK 300 / hour excluding VAT

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay?

Before issuing an invoice, we will send you a Contract for the rental of the premises, which you just need to sign electronically and after signing it we will issue an invoice. The invoice will be sent to you in advance and must be paid no later than the day of the event. Payment can be made by bank transfer, or by cash or credit card at the reception.

What is the capacity of your meeting rooms?

In general, we offer meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 25 people. If you’re looking for greater capacity, we also offer event spaces with a capacity of 25 - 70 seats. Event spaces can be booked with the event sales manager at event@worklounge.com, or through the form on our website.

How are meeting rooms / event spaces equipped?

Each meeting room includes high-speed WiFi connection, a large flat-screen TV with connection via Apple TV or HDMI. You can also use our portable whiteboards or flipcharts.
Our event spaces also include audio equipment, video projectors, and microphones. 

Do you offer catering? Can I order my own catering?

We do not offer our own catering. However, we are happy to recommend our friendly Musa catering company, which provides small refreshments and professional catering with a full menu including cold and hot cuisine, and if you are interested in alternative Mediterranean to Oriental cuisine, we recommend the excellent Nabu Sandwich. If you have a good experience with the caterer of your choice, it is no problem to provide them with access and facilities to ensure that the refreshments are prepared properly and on time. Beverage package (coffee, tea and water) are included. Wine glasses and plates can be borrowed from us for a fee by prior arrangement.

Do you offer single-day parking?

Yes, we offer single-day parking at the Forum Karlín and it can be arranged through our reception or the location manager. The price is set at 250 CZK excl. VAT/day/car. 

Is it possible to organize an event in the evening or during the weekend?

By previous agreement, it is possible to organize the event in the evening, or even on the weekend. However, the hourly rate is higher for an event outside of normal opening hours (9-17) or at the weekend by 300 CZK without VAT/hour.

Is there any discount when renting an event space for an extended period of time?

Yes, we provide a discounted rate for conference room rental when booking for multi-day events. You can negotiate the price individually via e-mail of our Event Sales Manager.

Can you provide assistance throughout my event?

Yes, when renting out an event space, we’ll help you set up all audio and video components. In case any questions or issues arise during your event, someone will be ready to assist you at the front desk. 
If you decide to rearrange the seating or furniture setup, it is necessary to rearrange it back to its original position after the event. During the weekend or late-night events, a personnel rate is added to your hourly rental rate and covers an employee who will be available to you during the entirety of the event. 

How to get there?

Sales manager

Honza Kruh